Selection of important standards relating to corrosion measurement

Standard Brief description
ASTM G102 Standard practice for calculation of corrosion rates and related information from electrochemical measurements
DIN 50918
Corrosion of metals; electrochemical corrosion tests
ASTM G106,
DIN EN ISO 16773
Standard practice for electrochemical impedance measurements
ASTM G5 Standard reference test method for making potentiostatic and potentiodynamic anodic polarization measurements
DIN EN ISO 17475 Corrosion of metals and alloys – electrochemical test methods – Guidelines for conducting potentiostatic and potentiodynamic polarization measurements
ASTM G199 Standard guide for electrochemical noise measurements
ASTM G148 Standard practice for evaluation of hydrogen uptake, permeation, and transport in metals by electrochemical technique
ASTM G150 Standard test method for electrochemical critical pitting temperature testing of stainless steels
DIN 50919 Corrosion of metal; investigations of galvanic corrosion in electrolytic solutions